Yr 11

Auckland Math Tutors has been an excellent tutor for my son. They took him from a not achieved level to gaining merit for his final result in NCEA maths. Would highly recommend AMT to help your child achieve great results.                                                                                           Thank you Auckland Math Tutors.


Yr 13
Auckland Math Tutors is exactly what I needed! They were flexible and professional. They went beyond to help me achieve my goal.  I would absolutely recommend them to anyone thinking of a math tutor. I thank them for all they have done, I honestly couldn’t have done it without them. – Northshore, Auckland


Years 8 & 9
Our Tutor has been great. He has a really good rapport with our children which helps with the teaching process. We are very pleased with the improvement shown after receiving this extra tuition and feel it is a good investment. We would happily recommend Auckland Math Tutors to any parents. Thanks for your Professional and friendly approach. – St Marys Bay, Auckland


Year 6 Students
Our maths tutor has been a blessing. He was able to break down the maths problems into easy strategies which the girls could understand quickly. He made maths fun, giving them renewed confidence at school and a new love of maths.


Year 8 Student
We have had the privilege of excellent tuition for our daughter, YEAR 8, who is at a private school. Our tutor is not only highly focused, but also has the wonderful ability to integrate well with our daughter. She not only improved her grades but also gained valuable skills and confidence. My daughter looks forward to her sessions as he goes the extra mile with his patience and positivity.
“Simply the best.” – Parent, Auckland


Year 9 Student
My son was struggling with math to the point where we simply didn’t know where to turn, after having purchased online programmes as well as trying group math tutoring companies. Auckland Math Tutors turned his results around in less than a term!
With my son starting College this year, he has already achieved Merit in Math and has self-set himself a goal of going for Excellence! We couldn’t be happier.


Year 11
Our tutor has created a better learning experience for our son, he looks forward to the sessions and his results have significantly improved.


AMT has been tutoring my two boys for the past three years. Our tutor has an excellent rapport with our boys and it is obvious that he is a senior teacher and very good at his job. The teacher aspect is invaluable as he knows the curriculum therefore he is able to teach to their requirements. I find the tutor punctual, honest, polite, approachable and he always gives feedback at the end of a lesson. The tutor also gives out homework to reinforce the lesson which I think is great and adds to their learning.- Kohimarama, Auckland