Welcome to Auckland Math Tutors.

We are committed to help increase the mathematical knowledge and in depth understanding of mathematical concepts.

We provide small class tuition’s as well as on a private one on one basis in students’ homes where they feel comfortable.

We focus on all areas of maths such as; Measurement, Trigonometry, Geometry, Circle Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Algebra, Problem Solving, Calculus, Statistics, Probability, Numeracy, Number, Differentiation, Graphs, Sequences, Vectors, Arithmetic and much more.

Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced primary and secondary school teachers who know the NZ Curriculum and are well adapted to the NCEA, IB and Cambridge examinations system.

And we can travel to your choice of location as well!

In addition, we also help with preparations for Police, Military and the Fire Services entrance examinations.

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